Mistakes Were Made

(originally posted September 18th, 2014) Is it ever too late to start a new year? Even when the leaves drop dead, the grass dries up, and the schoolboys and schoolgirls eye the pumpkins in the classroom, knowing they’re hopeful beacons of Halloween? Mistakes, goes the refrain, were made. Manias contaminated entire populaces in the spring,… Read More Mistakes Were Made


(originally posted September 12th, 2014) They set the ocean on fire. The inks of navy and aquamarine and cerulean ignited and dissolved into flame that had no center, no core of neon blue energy. No cool spectrum remained, only the flares flipping into the air like beggars’ hands. An anguish articulated only by the crackle… Read More Neogenesis

Bon Anniversaire

(originally posted September 5th, 2014) The material world. Slow dances. She. She laughs in his twirls. His masculine, confident twirls. In a nighttime park. I watch from a covert bench. Watch them spin and spin. They think they’re alone, this night theirs. Her clothes float. His arms have a discipline, his steps, a martial deliberateness.… Read More Bon Anniversaire

Class Identity, Intersectionality, and the Failure of Democratic Framing

(originally posted November 29th, 2016) Immediately after the election came a string of apologies on social media, regrets expressed to ethnic minorities, queer minorities, women, and the occasional reference to the severely impoverished. All these groups will truly suffer under a Republican presidency, as they historically have every time before. The flaw in these apologies,… Read More Class Identity, Intersectionality, and the Failure of Democratic Framing